Intellectual Outputs

Target group:

Young players, aged 14-18, training a given discipline at the level preparing for the professional practice of this discipline.
The entire training program consists of the following parts:

1. Basic course of training in one sport: Football, Handball, Volleyball OR Basketball

Time required: 20-30 hours.

2. ON-LINE test for assessment of professional Predispositions

The participants to do the test individually.

Time required: 30 minutes.

3. DUAL CARREER Training course O1

Time required: 3-5 hours.


Activities using the prepared materials. We presumed that realization of 3 courses out of 7 (6 theoretical and 1 practical) will be appropriate.
Lecturers: experts, instructors experienced in a given field

Time required for the realization of the whole set: 4-10 hours.


6. PROJECT MANUAL GUIDE (multilingual)

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