Project Overview


The objective of the Project is to prepare an educational program for young athletes, thanks to which they could learn about the work of a coach in a given discipline, asses their predispositions to the profession and start collecting their first experiences.


Participation in the courses will give participants the knowledge about their own predispositions to work in the profession of a sports trainer, will allow to plan a sports career in accordance with the requirements of a dual career. It will prompt you to look for knowledge about the possibilities of individual development, and will give you knowledge about the sources of success in sport.


The trainings shall be realised in agreement with the institution responsible in each country for training of sports trainers.

Each partner invites regional/ national sport federations, sport schools/academies in each country to sign the protocol, with which the commit to include Trainer 1.0 BETA Model (for 1 or more disciplines) in their usual / ordinary educational – training paths, in order to give sustainability to the Model and to ensure a long term impact of the project results within the sport’s world in each country in terms of “dual career approach promotion”.