Towarzystwo Sportowe Iron Man (Poland)

is a non-profit organisation working in the area of training, economic and social research, specialized in the fields of sport and youth. The organisation was created in Gogolin in 2006 aimed to respond to the challenges of the human capital management and socio-labour inclusion.

Special project experiences consist in fighting against obesity and overweight and the promotion of active lifestyle, dual carrier and education in sports.

Another important field of our work is to improve the conscious and the importance of the values of sports. The association organized cross border events in football and cycling focused on Respect and Fair Play. Another project is the development and improvement of the voulutary work in sport clubs. T.S. Iron Man is formed by a professional team of people coming from different areas of expertise in research and projects´ development, offering comprehensive services and working under strict quality criteria.

T.S. Iron Man activity at European level during the last 8 years provided us with a wide network of professionals and associates all over Europe. This network is formed of a variety of entities from complementary expertise and experience areas (social actors, NGOs, public and private training providers, public bodies and administration …), helping create formal alliances to develop specific initiatives and inspiring our activity through the exchange of experiences, knowledge, methodologies, and results.

T.S. Iron Man ´s main working fields are: sport, innovative trainings approach, especially young and adult athltetes, trainers and other staff, disadvantaged collectives. It leads, coordinates and participates in the development and experimentation of training itineraries, contents and methodologies that promote innovation on the educational systems, as well as social and labour inclusion of vulnerable collectives.

Wyższa Szkoła Zarzadzania I Coachingu, WSZiC (Poland)

WSZiC was established to ensure that educated managers introduced professional and modern marketing and management solutions in their activities and implemented innovations into planning, directing, implementation and control processes, while using knowledge in the field of social and biological foundations of sport.

The High school achieve their goals through:

  • original training program, corresponding to the realities of Polish sport,
  • experienced staff of lecturers (theoreticians and practitioners) from both sport and psychology and economic sciences,
  • innovative and practical forms of education (apprenticeships and workshops),
  • emphasis on practical knowledge and gaining experience.

Competence and continuous development are the most important value for us, which is why we conduct numerous market researches on the basis of sport to get to know the realities of its functioning and how to best adapt the curriculum to them.

Interactive Media Knowledge Transfer (InterMedi@KT) (Greece)

is a NGO working on vocational education, training and innovation. Located in Patras, Greece, provide an effective promotion of knowledge, vocational training and e-learning activities.

The direct aims of InterMedi@KT include:

  • Effective promotion of knowledge, vocational and adult training through e-learning activities,
  • promoting science and advanced technologies to students and young people as a tool for becoming better citizens and more competitive professionals,
  • supporting youth entrepreneurship & youth workers,
  • support of local development through releasing the potential of alternative tourism,
  • strengthening social cohesion by taking care to consider equality of genres, nationalities and groups, as well as encouraging professional participation whilst offering employment training programs for vulnerable groups.


is a private University in which higher education is offered, researchers are trained and professionals are prepared by means of the generation and transmission of science, technology and culture, by means of:

  • Teaching methodology applied to small groups; continuous assessment; development of personal autonomy and spirit of service; promotion of teamwork; stimulation of personal and collective creativity, and in constant contact with professional environments through internships.
  • Personalized teaching with a high level of dedication from the professors to the students and with trained tutors for academic, psychological and personal counseling.
  • A University community composed of students, professors, administrative staff and services, and governing bodies based on the principles of cooperation and mutual support at the service of knowledge.
  • International, national and regional orientation with particular attention to Spanish-speaking countries.

Athletes Professional Development Association – APDA (Cyprus)

is a non-profit NGO involving professionals and volunteers in sports such as coaches, managers and athletes . APDA actively promotes the professional development and dual career of athletes in Cyprus through the development of the sport(s) and/or the Athlete`s level in sports. Parallel aim is the promotion of the   athletes’ career and /or their financial and professional management.

APDA aims to become an accredited training center for athletes and coaches in Cyprus and actively contribute to the research field of the proposed project with its staff and members working in close contact with local and national Clubs in Cyprus.

Agjencia për Zhvillim Rinor (Albania)

Youth Development Agency (YDA) is a non-profit organization established in 2014. The goal of YDA is to create a supportive environment for youth development in Albania and its neighbouring countries. The organization cooperates with youth, the marginalised groups, civil society and governmental structures by conducting trainings, consultancy, research and projects for social development, human rights, civic participation in good governance, transparency and integration of the country into the European Union.

Some of the specific objectives of the organization are:

  • Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for youth through sport;
  • Increase youth education indicators;
  • Increasing youth activation and participation in decision making;
  • Enhancing youth organizational capacities;
  • Promoting regional cooperation between youth groups;

University of Southern Denmark

Department for Sports Sciences and Clinical Biomechanics, Research group: Learning and Talent in Sport (LETS) - The Department deals with research, innovation and scientific knowledge based upon studies of the human body, the musculoskeletal system, sport, exercise, active living and movement. Attention is particularly paid to physical activity and exercise in sports and in health promotion, prevention, treatment of diseases and rehabilitation, including cultural, political, psychological and pedagogical aspects of sport and physical activity.
The Research Unit Learning & Talent in Sport (LET’S) builds on one of the Institute’s original foundations – the pedagogy of human movement. LET’S’ roles are: To research the innovative and applied use of the pedagogy of human movement and sports psychology in order to enhance participation, performance, learning and talent development, and the dual career of athletes.
In Denmark, Team Denmark (TD) is the national institution responsible for the promotion and funding of elite sports. Rooted in the strong belief of equality, the Danish Elite Sports Act (from 1984, revised in 2004) states that elite sport should be promoted in a socially responsible manner, ensuring athletes’ education and their future contribution to the society. Thus, educational and career programmes are offered at all levels of an athlete’s career, including financial support for student-athletes. There are 23 elite sport gymnasiums across the country where flexibility is granted. Three out of four universities have special offices with appointed staff helping student-athletes. TD and its partners provide job-related services for elite athletes at different stages of their career. There is, however, a greater need to provide solutions for athletes who would like to be educated in more practical related job outside academia (e.g., plumber, carpenter)

Association for sport and sport activities SPORT TALENT (North Macedonia)

Association for sport and sport activities SPORT TALENT (North Macedonia)- promoting talented young people and professional football players, in the sport field from Republic of Macedonia and their development into professionals in relevant sports or their improvement as professionals in relevant sports. Elaboration of the development of the talents, organizing sport events/training camps where the participants would introduce themselves to scouts/agents/agencies/clubs.

University of Salerno (Italy)

The mission of the University of Salerno is to carry out research and educational programs, developing links with the surrounding area while respecting the environment, with the aim of creating, enriching and, at the same time, offering a scientific, cultural heritage to students, enterprises, institutions and in general to the whole community.

The university’s institutional goals are:

  • Research;
  • Teaching and Education;
  • Support for outstanding students and the diversely able;
  • Development of the Campus as a community of individuals who share the same interests and values;
  • Development of links with key players in the local area.

The University motion analysis laboratory is one of the most advanced in southern Italy for technology and human resources, which conduct research activities in the field of evaluative sports and educational sports

FC Gorica (Croatia)

is a professional football club. The club invest lots of effort in development of young athleets, and the academy currently takes care of over than 450 kids, on two locations, playing in 22 selections. For that work to be sustainable, we employ similar number of coaches with high educational standards.

The academy policy that all youth players must continue their education at least to finishing secondary school level, but also have a desire to be a leader in region in helping our athletes to obtain second career after finishing with sports.